Hydrogen and Clean Energy Projects


  • The hydrogen is the big chance

    The great opportunity that hydrogen has today is linked to two determining factors:
    1- the certainty that fossil fuel reserves will run out in the medium term and the need to intervene on greenhouse gas emissions
    2- the major issues debated today regarding polluting emissions and altered climate are forming the general culture of waste and pollution

    Hydrogen is the solution.

  • The Future has come

    Visionary application of Industry 4.0 to the clean energy development


    an unlimited, clean, renewable energy


    Contact us to discover our project "beehive" based on modular cells

    Know it, control it

    our electronics is the solution

    Our electronics perform a safe "on-demand" hydrogen production.

    AEL Cells and PEM Cells


    We produce alkaline electrolyte cells (AEL, dedicated to combustion) and polymer membrane cells (PEM, for pure hydrogen for fuel cells)

  • Videos and speeches


    "La produzione dell'idrogeno.

    Una realizzazione pratica."

    Save Fiera Idrogeno, Verona 27 ottobre 2022

    "Celle per la produzione di Idrogeno"

    Save Fiera Idrogeno, Verona 27 ottobre 2022

  • About us


    Our company, STI SOCIETA' TARTUCA INDUSTRIALE SA, is based in Chiasso, Switzerland, and we have been working since our establishment in the industrial automation.

    We are a reliable partner for the development of any INDUSTRY 4.0 needs for your company.






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